now we are also talking about nuclear blackmail by the West, we will use all means to defend ourselves/ We want to liberate Donbas, Herson, Zaporizhzhia from neo-Nazis

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Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Wednesday morning the signing of the decree on partial mobilization and said Russia will use „all weapons” to defend itself, accusing NATO allies of „blackmailing” Moscow with the use of nuclear weapons.

Vladimir Putin’s main statements:

– We must pay special attention to supplying Donbas with technology, and ammunition. On the basis of this information, we want to liberate these territories, Herson, and Zamosporojia, from neo-Nazis.

– There is a long line of military contact of over 1,000 kilometers and I want to say publicly that from the beginning of these operations there was a positive reaction to our proposals in terms of ensuring the safety of the Russians, but the West did not accept compromises and tried to give us direct orders, so Kyiv resorted to foreign mercenary groups and their army was trained by NATO.

– You have seen the barbarism of the neo-Nazis.

– Mercenaries are torturing peaceful citizens in Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, and Herson, there are over 500,000 people living there. Many have been forced to become refugees.

– The people of Zaporizhzhia, Herson, have decided to hold referendums for annexation to Russia. We will do everything we can to ensure peaceful conditions. People must choose freely. In these regions, all these people will be supported from today. The army will act and secure thousands of kilometers, protect them from neo-Nazism, from the collective machine of the West. We have taken these decisions which are appropriate to the dangers. We defend the motherland, the sovereignty. In the liberated territories, I support these proposals, I support partial mobilization in these regions.

– I would like to point out that it is only a partial mobilization, those who are in the reserves will be enlisted, and those who serve in the army and who have military professions.

– The decree on partial mobilization has been signed. Officially the Federal Assembly chambers have been informed, the mobilization was given today, September 21.

– As regards the financial issues for defense, we are determined to resolve them without delay. We always hear threats against our people, and some irresponsible politicians talk not only about providing Ukraine with long-range weapons that will be capable of striking Russia. This is already happening, we are talking about the border areas, Belgorod. They are using strategic drones, planes are doing reconnaissance operations, and Washington and Brussels want to move the military operation to Russian territory.

– And now we’re also talking about nuclear blackmail, the Zaporizhzhia plant has been hit, and NATO representatives have said that nuclear weapons may be used against Russia.

– We will use all means to defend ourselves. Russia should defend its sovereignty, its independence, and we will do that by all means. They are trying to blackmail us with nuclear weapons.

Translated by Ovidiu H.

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